dean  brenneman    A R C H I T E C T

Dean Brenneman Architect

  Here you will find samples of the work of residential architect Dean Brenneman, and learn a bit about his thoughtful approach to creating a new home, remodeling a home, and adding to a home in a seamless way.


  Dean is an architect who listens carefully, questions deeply, and who solves the most demanding of architectural challenges with elegance and simplicity.


  Dean practices a very personal approach to architecture - "personal" in that he takes the time to really know a client

before tailoring a home design for them, and "personal" in that he throws himself completely into the design of each new home, addition, or remodel. 


  Much of dean's work is centered around his native home of  Washington DC, but his "individually tailored" homes can be found from the coast of maine to the beaches of the caribbean.  dean has unique capabilities for what he calls "offsite oversight" - systems he has developed to manage the construction of his architectural designs in distant locations.  His high-tech approach also benefits local clients, with the ability to "virtually" meet anytime, anywhere.

  "I look forward to learning your hopes and dreams and to showing you how a thoughtfully and personally designed home will set the stage for

a more satisfying life."

                 - dean

Remodeling and Home Design
Light playing at the intersection of curves and squares
Itallianate Villa, verandah, porch, mahogany porch floor
A favorite verandah
Simple geometric forms
A classical portico - after Vignola
Four materials in harmony